More than Just Pest Control

Nobody likes pests. When termites start building shelters in the corner of your home, you can feel your skin crawling, wondering what else is hidden within those four walls. When I discovered the termites outside, I was not surprised. It had become a recurring event that happened every once in a while.

I would call a pest company to get rid of the termites but only for a few months. Then they would appear again either in a different place or the same place before. I was stuck in an endless cycle. This time, I considered not calling a pest control service. I had gone through so many services I started to think that pest control in Orlando, Florida was impossible.

By then, the infestation had grown so much that my neighbor had already noticed. He then recommended me to a pest control service I had not tried yet. I decided to give it one last shot, and that is how I came to work with All American Pest Control.

I made inquiries about termite pest control, and the customer service agent answered all my questions. I went the extra mile to inquire if this was just another pest control service that would get rid of my problems for just a few months. ‘No. We do our job to the finish’ was the response I got. 

When they finally came, they were well-dressed and started with the affected areas. Before I knew it, they had treated all the areas and got rid of my problem quite fast. The work was well-done, and I felt relieved. Moreover, they were all so friendly and polite when going through my house. Just as I thought they were done, they started another procedure around the affected areas and what I came to know as ‘potential problem areas.’ 

After asking a few questions informed me that the special procedure was to prevent the termites from coming back. They also gave me a few tips for keeping termites away. I was skeptical obviously but was hoping they were right. I received my bill, and it was as affordable as advertised. 

A few months down the line and I have not seen signs of termites anywhere. I conducted regular inspections on all the places that would be swarming with termites by now, and they are as clean. I had been proven wrong in the most delightful way possible.

In my option, is more than just pest control. I finally understood what it meant to work beyond your service parameters. The fact that they went the extra mile to ensure that the termites do not come back was impressive and functional.

Their methods worked so well, and I was delighted with the work. It gave me a whole new appreciation for their affordable prices and their friendly personnel. Their advertising was just as promised.

If you have a pest control service that will not go away, I recommend you give this pest control service. Chances are high that you will not regret it.